Wooden Storage Boxes

by Arthur Hernendez
Moving Items

Wooden Storage Boxes may be a good option for retailers and movers who constantly have to move large arrays of items…and especially items which are larger, but require a solid foundation to be held in. Heavy items work well when packaged in wooden storage boxes, as cardboard storage boxes can easily break or become soft under the pressure of heavy items. Wooden storage boxes may also be used for outside storage or shipment, as cardboard can easily get wet, whereas wood can be coated to protect it against weathering. If you have any extremely valuable items or fragile items, you may also want to use these types of boxes to prevent damage or theft, as it’s extremely difficult to tamper with a wooden storage box. There are several professional movers and packers in Dubai that provide wooden storage boxes to move your fragile items.

Kinds and types of wooden boxes – There are many kinds and types of wooden crates and even other forms of enclosures that can be utilized to protect your items when sending or storing them. You can find traditional wooden crates, comprised of plywood, to MDF boxes with pine wood. As well, crates can be lined with special cushioning in the instance that you have precious items, like artwork, wood, or other valuable items which need to be protected. There are even wooden boxes that come with fumigation, to allow proper airflow; and also crates that can be sent overseas without hassle. Even when you hire some short term storage solution in Dubai, they make sure to store your items in a wooden box to keep them safe and secure.

Custom-made boxes – Wooden storage boxes are almost always custom-made, as it’s really impractical to have custom sizes on wood, since it’s a harder natural material to come by, whereas cardboard is made from recycled materials. If you have your box custom-made, this also ensures that the item you have fits in the first place, as you can get the exact measurements needed, and you can have the box made to suit these specifications. This can reduce the overall size of your box itself and shipments when you have the exact size, and that will in turn save you money on the shipments.

Protecting your items – Wooden boxes and custom crating is a very popular methods of transporting, such as moving storage boxes, and storing items, as it can also ensure that your items do not move and are protected from the outside, should other heavier items be shipped with your items. If you are just storing items, but have plenty of items to store, then you may consider wooden storage boxes as well, because they are sturdy, and can easily be stacked on top of each other without losing their shape or strength, and without damaging other items, whereas cardboard can risk getting wet and lose shape, or can risk losing its shape and sturdiness under pressure.

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