What is React.js, and what is it used for?

React is a JavaScript library explicitly created for dynamic user interfaces. It is distributed under an open-source license, which gives a wide range of development possibilities. Where is React.js used, what does the Open Source license provide, and what is the library used for?

React.js library – what is it used for?

React.js is used when creating a user interface. A respected Facebook employee created React.js to simplify the user interface and make the platform easier to use for most people, both through better performance and readability of the entire solution. Although it is not a standard framework, the multitude of advantages that this type of library stands out makes it quite popular.

Because React.js uses modern methods of rendering pages, its performance is faster, which positively affects the user experience. Importantly, this library is a convenient solution for both the viewer and the developer himself.

Why should you use React.js?

The React.js library is very popular for a reason: it stands out for its many advantages, thanks to which it often turns out that the conversion rate on the website increases. Among the most significant benefits of using the React.js library one can point out:

– dynamic presentation of data, which translates into overall user convenience, as well as the desire to return to the site,

– efficiency,

– saving time on the part of the programmer – the component structure of this library allows to reuse some of its elements and thus reduces the time necessary to create new functionalities,

– code stability – it was obtained thanks to unidirectional data flow and to the fact that created later related elements do not destabilize parent elements.

The advantages mentioned above of React.js library are not the only ones that distinguish this solution, but because of these features, developers and users highly value it.

Open source license – what gives?

One of the advantages of React.js, which we deliberately did not mention above, is that it was released under an open-source license. Thanks to this solution, the code owner granted users the ability to change and distribute the mentioned modifications. This makes it possible for many companies (such as Cut2code – https://cut2code.com/) to create customized solutions based on the React.js library. This, in turn, positively influences the level of satisfaction of the website users and, at the same time, reduces the amount of work that has to be done by the programmer to make the whole thing work smoothly and correctly.

This library has many benefits and can help you present data appropriately. Although it is often used primarily by developers creating social media (e.g., Facebook and Instagram) or large streaming platforms (e.g., Netflix), it can also be used by other users and improved by them and adapted to the needs of a particular company.

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