Top 10 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women

by Arthur Hernendez
Slim Body

Everybody wants to look smart but not everybody can curb their likeness for junk food and total dislike for physical exercise. And so, not everybody gets to have a smart and slender body. But there is nothing to despair about, you can always lose weight and achieve your goals! All you need to do is to believe in yourself and be intelligent in the measures you take to lose weight.

Here are ten proven weight loss tips that can help you fit into that pair of tight jeans you always wanted!

1. Use Smaller Cups and Smaller Plates

You would never be able to really cut down on your food intake if you would continue to eat in the same bowls and plates. Our mind controls our appetite and it most often considers the stomach to be full when you have eaten a full bowl of noodles or a full plate of chicken curry. By using smaller cups and smaller plates, you would be able to reduce your food intake while satisfying your brain that you have eaten enough!

2. Avoid Salty Snacks

The untimely urge to have snacks can really hurt your pledge to lose weight. You can curb your urge to eat salty snacks by making yourself work to get them. For instance, if your stomach starts to grumble and starts asking for salty snacks then make sure that you would have to walk down to a superstore to get them. Don’t ever stock them at your home. The work you would need to put in to get the snacks would most likely put you off. In case your urge is too much and you decide to go to the superstore, such a long walk would obviously help so much that a small snack won’t hurt that much!

3. Consider Vegetables and Fruits Your Only Lifeline

Incorporating vegetables and fruits would really help you in losing weight. While most women believe that cutting down on their food intake helps them lose weight, adding fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals and aid in food digestion actually disprove this theory. So, if you really want to lose weight, you should increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

4. Give Yourself a Cheat Day

A cheat day is a day when you can eat whatever you want. The cheat day would be something to look forward to and would thus help you in concentrating on not trying the same unhealthy junk food on any other day.

5. Water. Water. And More Water.

Our water intake is not nearly enough and we mostly end up drinking beverages to end our thirst for water. And beverages often prove counterproductive. So, if you really want to lose weight then you should drink as much water as you can…somewhere around 12-16 glasses a day. If you can’t drink so much water then you can try fresh juices too.

6. Start Yoga

Yoga brings peace of mind and helps you exercise too. You won’t just work out a bit if you will start Yoga, you will gain self-control. And this self-control would go a long way to help you curb your urges to eat junk food.

7. Skip the Night-time meals

If you really want to skip a meal, it’s the night-time meal that should be skipped. If you cannot control your habit of eating between meals, it’s best to skip the night-time meal altogether. Reserve two nights each week for some of your favorite dishes and restaurants but on the other five nights, you then must skip the meal entirely.

8. Take Your Dog for a Walk

Taking your dog out for a walk is always a good idea because its enthusiasm to have a run would rub off on you and you would be compelled to follow. 10-20 minutes of walking each day can really work wonders for you and for your aim of losing weight.

9. Drink Green Tea

Green tea works wonders for the metabolism system and as a result, helps you lose weight. Even though green tea won’t bring quick results, it would aid immensely in your fight against your overweight body!

10, When You Eat, Concentrate on Eating

If you would concentrate on eating rather than on watching TV or reading a newspaper or browsing through Facebook, you will mostly end up eating more than you should. So, whenever you eat, concentrate on eating so that you don’t end up eating too much.

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