Tattoo on Vacations

Never get a tattoo while on vacation. The summer vacation season begins. You’re in a good mood, exuberant and want to try something new. Go ahead, but no tattoo please!

What’s Supposed to be there, Others do that too, I Hear Someone Say. This may be.

But first of all, the German hygiene standards and regulations as well as the liability laws are only valid in Germany and not abroad. And secondly, most of them – no matter what – later regret their holiday moods. This also applies to a visit to the tattoo studio. 

For Germany we only recommend visiting tattoo studios that have existed for a long time. Those who get a tattoo in such a studio usually come there on the basis of recommendations. And that’s good. Here you can assume a certain quality and clean work of the tattoo artist, otherwise his studio would have disappeared from the market.

But Abroad, On Vacation? 

You usually don’t know anything about the tattoo studio in which you want to get a tattoo. Tattoo scarring is very common and you should keep the phenomenon of scarring tattoo in mind whenever you feel an urge for it.

No Tattoo On Vacation, okay. And What about Henna Painting?

You shouldn’t even have henna painted on you abroad. The mostly black coloring “tourist paste” often contains toxic chemicals that can cause skin cancer or at least inflammation. We have forbidden this addition, which makes the henna so beautifully black. For good reason.

Real henna – without additives – colors a maximum of orange to brown. Definitely not black. But that’s what tourists want, and that’s how they are offered to you with chemical additives.

My advice: hands off!

Let me inspire you with various motifs while on vacation and then at home – in the familiar tattoo studio. But never on vacation!

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