Slow Internet Connection Help

Everyday millions of people spend time surfing the internet for a variety of different reasons. However, there will be times when we find that we have a slow internet connection and as a result find ourselves becoming very frustrated. There are various reasons why the internet connection you have, whether it is at home or work, is running slower than considered normal. Below we take a look at just some of these reasons.

Reason 1 – Broadband Settings

If your broadband router settings have not be configured in the correct way then this may well be the reason why your internet is not running at its optimum speeds. When initially installing any new router make sure that the setting is consistent with not just the manufacturers but also those of your ISP (Internet Service Providers). If you do make any changes to the configuration of your router then keep a record of these so if they need to be undone at a later date you can do so quickly and easily.

Reason 2 – Interference to the Wireless Signal

It is important that your PC and router are able to send and receive signals without any problem. Just placing an object in front of the wireless aerial on your laptop or PC can affect the internet connection. Plus, another reason why you have a slow internet connection is that other appliances in your home when turned on interfere with it. If you want to avoid this type of problem then you should place the router in a new position and also look at changing the WIFI Channel number you use currently.

Reason 3 – Malicious Software Programs

These normally effect your internet connection when you download without realizing it after opening an attachment in an email you receive. Should any PC or laptop you are using become infected which such programs then they generate network traffic spontaneously without you even knowing that it is happening. Through running an antivirus software program regularly or installing registry cleaning products can help you to avoid these types of problems in the future.

Reason 4 – Network Equipment Is Faulty

Just a small chink in your router cables can actually result in you having a slow internet connection. If you do begin to suspect that the problem with your internet connection is as a result of faulty equipment then it is worth carrying out a number of tests by replacing parts of the equipment. Begin with the cables and then move on to the actual router.

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