Noise in the work environment. How to protect hearing from harmful consequences?

Noise in the work environment can be very problematic for many employees. Therefore, find out about the best ways to protect your hearing from harmful consequences.

Collective protection measures

Among the best ways to reduce noise in the work environment is collective noise protection measures. This activity is primarily related to the employer’s obligations to provide employees with adequate hearing protection. The possible processes include, for example, the appropriate selection of measures and reducing the risk of high noise levels in the workplace.

Personal protection measures

Another solution used by employers is personal protection against noise, among others, protecting employees at particular positions against excessively perceived noise levels. With this method, quite a variety of hearing protectors are used. These include, for example, earplugs, earmuffs, and noise-reducing helmets. They should be used by people who perform professional duties using machines and tools generating a high level of noise.

Limiting the exposure

Employees, while performing their professional duties, should have limited exposure to noise, which their employer must ensure. Whenever possible, the employer should apply operational and technical programs to reduce the risk of employees’ exposure to noise effectively. In addition, employees should also be provided with adequate breaks during work, during which their hearing can rest.

Designating and marking zones

Among the most important aspects of hearing protection from the harmful consequences of excessive noise, the need mark places where an employee may be exposed to noise in the work environment can also be mentioned. If the employees are particularly exposed to noise in certain zones, it is worth fencing them off and prohibiting entry. Thanks to this, it will be possible to effectively protect employees’ hearing and reduce the risk of negative consequences of exposure to increased noise.

Rest for the ears

The employee after work should take care of increased rest for the ears. Therefore, if a person works in a position with an increased noise level, he/she should try to stay in silence for the rest of the day. This is extremely important for the hygiene of its daily functioning and for the correctness of the hearing process in the future.

Hearing tests

Hearing tests should be performed regularly by all persons exposed to higher than usual noise levels while performing their professional duties. There are many different methods of hearing tests, so after going to the doctor, you will learn about steps to take in this direction. A free hearing test will definitely be a very good solution, so it is worth considering in the event of the occupational risk related to the possibility of hearing damage.

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