Mind Medicine

by Arthur Hernendez

Bless the importance of negative emotion, your emotions and the way you feel is your guidance system and it is telling you everything you need to know. If you feel negative emotion, then you’re either resisting the present moment, resisting something that was, or resisting something that you think might be. As human beings lost in our own creation, we immediately point to the outside world to create excuses as to why we can’t be happy and at peace right now. 

”If that had turned out differently or hadn’t happened, then I’d be happy.
If he/she hadn’t done that to me, then I’d be happy.
If that goes the way I want it to go, then I’ll be happy”

The moment you stop resisting life and pointing to the outside world as to why you can’t be at peace, the more a deep sense of joy and inner freedom will arise from within you. You’re an eternal being. Your consciousness cannot be destroyed. The greatest joy that you can feel is when your soul comes into alignment with the very deepest, eternal, aspect of your consciousness. 

What’s the one thing that I can do to allow my soul to come into alignment? Resist nothing. Surrender to everything that arises in the present moment without judgment.

Everything that you’re searching for will arise from within you at a deeper and deeper and more profound level when you stop resisting what arises in the present moment. There’s no work to be done here and you don’t need to change anything in your life. This is an internal surrender, an internal letting go. It doesn’t mean do anything and don’t care about life. It means you can finally let go and enjoy your life, without any dependency on other people’s actions or how it unfolds. 

When you have released all resistance from within you, everything that you’ve been desiring will fall into place.  It can’t not, it is only resistance that holds us back. I can’t begin to do it justice with these words what it feels like to feel that releasing of resistance. Just let go of everything and enjoy. Surrender to the present moment. 

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