How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy While Wearing Braces

by Arthur Hernendez
Oral Health

If you wear braces, you likely dream about the day when they come off and you get to see your beautiful new smile. Now, imagine looking into the mirror to find that your teeth are covered in discolored spots and decay that weren’t there before. This is a real risk that patients with braces face, but it is preventable. If you work with your dentist to make a plan for maintaining good oral hygiene while you’re wearing braces, you’ll end up with that winning smile you’ve always wanted. Here are some tips for keeping your oral health in check while you have braces.

See Your Dentist Often
When you’re wearing braces, your teeth need a little extra attention. It may be helpful to bump up the number of annual cleanings you have at your dentist to keep your teeth in good condition. Talk to your dentist about how often you should come in for a check-up while you’re wearing braces. With regular visits, your dentist can spot and treat early tooth decay before it becomes a bigger issue.

Re-Learn How to Brush and Floss
Your standard brushing and flossing technique will need to change when you have braces. Ask your dentist to show you new techniques to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine. You may need to use special equipment, like a proxy brush and floss threader, to get under and around your brackets and wires effectively.

Eat a Healthy Diet
The foods you choose have a big impact on your dental health when you’re wearing braces. Stay away from foods that are high in sugar or acid. You should also skip hard and sticky foods, as these could break your braces. Eat lean protein, dairy foods, and soft fruits, like bananas, instead.

Don’t let poor oral health stand in the way of getting the best results possible with braces.

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