Antioxidants Rich Food Chart for You

Antioxidants can be defined as the protector against diseases and the aging process. The human body is exposed to free radicals all the time that is harmful to the cells of the body and they get affected. Everyone needs antioxidants to fight the oxidative stress in the body that is caused due to the free radicals.

If the level of antioxidants is low the body is prone to more health issues such as cancer and heart diseases. You can say that it’s a power that you can get easily from many foods such as fruits and vegetables to combat the oxidative stress.

Antioxidant Rich Foods Chart

There are several antioxidant rich foods that give different benefits to the body. I am going to share with you antioxidant rich foods chart with the benefits of these foods.

BerriesThe berries are small in size, but they offer great benefits to the human body. The immune system gets strengthened by eating this antioxidant rich fruit.
BeansBeans are also known as an antioxidant rich food item. Red beans are rich in antioxidants as compared to the other types of beans.
ApplesApples are great tasting fruit and they satisfy your craving for sweet as well. They offer a good amount of vitamins as well as antioxidants.
Dark chocolateYes, dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. You can reap the benefits from it
PotatoesPotatoes are also rich in antioxidants. Yes, you don’t need to be worried about including potatoes in your diet as they provide antioxidants.
CarrotsCarrots are good for health as they contain beta carotene that helps the body to fight dangerous diseases like cancer.

This antioxidants rich food chart will help you to select the right foods that can provide you good amount of antioxidants which you actually need.

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