Journal Articles

Driscoll, K. & Walker, S. (Forthcoming).Working within a black box: Transparency in the collection and production of big Twitter data..International Journal of Communication. (Available upon request).
Agarwal, S. D., Bennett, W. L., Johnson, C. N., & Walker, S. (2014). A Model of Crowd Enabled Organization: Theory and Methods for Understanding the Role of Twitter in the Occupy Protests. International Journal of Communication, 8(0), 27.
Bennett, W. L., Segerberg, A., & Walker, S. (2014). Organization in the crowd: peer production in large-scale networked protests. Information, Communication & Society, 17(2), 232–260. doi:10.1080/1369118X.2013.870379


(presented by Shawn Walker, prepared by the entire team): SoMe Tools for Social Media Research; selected as best poster at the Oxford Internet Institute’s big data conference.  September 2012, Oxford, England.

Conference Papers:

Nahon, Karine, Jeff Hemsley, Robert M. Mason, Shawn Walker, and Josef Eckert, Information Flows in Events of Political Unrest; Research Note, 2013 iConference, February; Ft. Worth, TX

Mason, Robert M. (2012).  The Changing Face of Agility:  the challenge and opportunity of social media .  Keynote presentation at the 2012 SymOrg Conference, June 2012; Zlatabor, Serbia.

Hemsley, J., & Robert M. Mason. (2012). The Nature of Knowledge in the Social Media Age: Implications for Knowledge Management Models. Presented at the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Wailea, Maui, HI.


June 2012:  XIII SymOrg symposium interview (Robert M. Mason)

Working Papers:

Eckert, J., Shawn Walker, Jeff Hemsley, Karine Nahon, and Robert M. Mason. (2012). Opening the Black Box of Social Media Research Methods: SoMe Ways Forwardworking draft.

Hemsley, J. (2011). Virality: Developing a Rigorous and Useful Definition of an Information Diffusion Process. working draft.